Rosato Vinegar Acetoscana 250ml


Vinegar 250ml Acetoscana Rosato

Sangiovese 100%
Ideal for those who love the decided flavors. Perfect for vegetables and salads
10 years
pleasing scent, .cherry and violet notes
Rosé balanced, harmonic, not pungent.
Keep it tight when used, not in a humid place

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Vinegar 250ml Acetoscana Rosato

Dry rosé vinegar, strong but pleasant smelling, perfect for strong flavors’ lovers!

100% natural product made exclusively from short bunch Tuscan Sangiovese grapes.In the vineyards of the Chianti area, grapes are picked by hand at the right stage of ripeness, when they’re healthy and free from defects in order to preserve the integrity and enhance the grape’s organoleptic characteristics, its aromas, its mark and natural acidic component. The grapes’ vinification is made in “white” for the Rosato and in “red” for the Red. It happens very slowly to preserve grapes’ aromas and flavors; We do not use antiseptics, additives, or preservatives of any kind so we have to follow every single step of the procedure with very special attention and care. The fermentations are constantly controlled and conducted in a natural way, with the goal of obtaining high-quality and natural vinegars.
The heart of the process is a slow and constant temperature acetic fermentation, performed with surface static method that remind the ancient method of D’Orleans. It is so time-consuming and it takes a so continuous monitoring that it needs a real nurse! So our product is not subject to stress and it bring out specific aromas and flavors; the result we achieve is due to passion, dedication and respect of the times of nature. This choice leads to a very significant energy saving compared to the “industrial method.”

About The Producer, Acetoscana :

When we talk about great Italian vinegar producers, all of us immediately think about Modena, in this post we will present instead the Natali family, producers of an excellent balsamic vinegar in Tuscany, in the province of Arezzo. The Natali family wanted to debunk this myth by starting to produce quality vinegar in Tuscany. With the arrival of the new generation in the company and the idea of exploiting the knowledge of natural fermentation that has always been used at home for wine, the production has been oriented towards vinegar. A winning intuition that in just a few years has brought this reality to become the most important in the region, with the Acetoscana brand. Sangiovese grapes are harvested from the hills cultivated with Chianti. The vinification and fermentation, which are essential for obtaining a quality vinegar, are constantly controlled and managed in a natural way. The fundamental part of the process is a slow acetic fermentation at a constant temperature that requires a long time and continuous monitoring, performed with a static surface method, recalls the ancient method of Orleans. Passione Toscana provides you a selection of their products and, in addition to vinegar, we recommend the Balsamic vinegar condiment from Sangiovese grapes. No matter what your favorite food is, we have vinegar that can enhance its taste! check the products below and discover their exceptional qualities!

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