Raw Milk Pecorino Stagionato Slow Food Presidium – La Valle Degli Ulivi 500g


Raw milk Pecorino Slow Food Seasoned Presidium:

Sheep’s milk only, yogurt, veal rennet and sea salt, hard paste, about 2 kg wheels, canestrato cheese, thick hard rind, straw yellow paste color.

6-8 months of aging in the cell, at 4 months it is massaged with olive oil for natural protection against cheese mites.

Lactic smell: melted butter

Vegetable smell : cut grass

Fruity smell : hazelnut dried fruit

The flavour confirms the odours: lactic, vegetable and fruity.

Pairings : full-bodied red wines „Morellino di Scansano“ and pear and cinnamon jam or strawberries and vin santo and Tuscan honey.

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From the producer to your table!

What does raw milk cheese processing mean?

Pecorino is defined as raw milk when the processing takes place at 37° and does not undergo thermal alterations, therefore it is not pasteurized.

It is rich in vitamins and bacteria useful to improve the immune system of children and adults, in particular it is rich in vitamin A , D , proteins, sugars, calcium and iron.

With the pasteurization of milk, the vitamin content is reduced, but the difference is first of all the taste, uniform in pasteurized cheeses, intense and always different in raw milk cheeses.

First of all, those who make raw milk cheese must be absolutely breeders to be able to control the diet of their flock, because before making a good cheese you have to make good milk.

The sheep must be taken to pasture every day and when they return to the stable they must feed only on cereals and fodder produced by the farm.

Entering the Slow Food Presidium:

In 2016 the Slow Food Presidium for Pecorino cheese made from raw milk from Maremma was founded, and the company La Valle Degli Ulivi immediately became a producer. In the beginning there were 6 dairies and after 4 years there were 2 because it is a very difficult and particular product to make, you have to follow a very strict specification: You have to have your own breeding and native breeds, no fixed housing but wild or semi-wild, they can only use milk produced from November to June, you have to work the milk at a maximum of 37 ° (so not pasteurized) you must not add selected ferments that standardize all the flavors but you can use only those self-produced and the ‚farm La Valle Degli Ulivi add their yogurt made with their sheep’s milk, no flavors and only sea salt to salt the cheese.

Only by following these rules, the raw milk Pecorino Maremmano can have the famous SLOW FOOD snail on the label.

About the producer, La Valle Degli Ulivi :

The company was founded in 2009 by the Passalacqua family, farmers for 3 generations, thanks to the love for their work that has taken the road of transformation in respect of the Maremma tradition, working exclusively the milk of their flock to make a Good Pecorino 0 km.

The farm extends for about 70 hectares at the foot of the famous secular olive grove of Fibbianello, municipality of Semproniano, near the famous thermal baths of SATURNIA.

The Passalacqua Fabio and Daria have chosen to work their product as in the past, exclusively with raw milk in order to respect the Tuscan peasant tradition.

„Come una Volta“…that as soon as the milk was milked, only a little rennet was added and „Cacio“ was made because in Maremma the word used for the cheese was „CACIO“.

Gewicht0.5 kg

0.5kg Approximately, 0.95/1.1kg Approximately


Ingredients: sheep milk, salt, self-produced natural ferment, rennet.

Allergens: milk and derivatives


Fats: 33g
of which saturated fatty acids: 23g
of which monounsaturated fatty acids: 7.8g
of which polyunsaturated fats: 1.4g
Carbohydrates: 0.6g
of which sugars: 0.6g
Protein: 27g
Sodium: 0.59g
Salt: 1.5

Edible crust


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