Durum Wheat Pici 500g Pasta Bertoli

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Excellent with Game Ragù!

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Durum Wheat Pici 500g Pasta Bertoli

The release of starch and the excellent holding of the cooking allow it to bind to the sauce in an optimal way. Pasta Bertoli is ideal for all preparations: accompanied by sauces of fish, meat or vegetables, from a traditional ragù or even just a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a handful of grated cheese.

About The Producer: Pasta Bertoli

The Bertoli family has cultivated the hilly terrain of Santa Luce since the second post-war period. Three generations of Bertoli have worked in agriculture for years according to tradition.

Starting in the 1980s, Giuseppe Bertoli took over the family business, developing an in-depth experience and knowledge of the land, seeds and cultivation practices and consolidating his role in the area as a producer of very high quality wheat.

In 2013 the Bertoli family finally realizes their dream: Pasta Bertoli was born, a pasta born of its land, artisanal, natural and healthy.

The products are tasty and full of flavor, of excellent digestibility and with high protein parameters. The grains that compose them guarantee an optimal (low) level of gluten. It is an ideal pasta for children, because it is healthy and natural, and for the diet of athletes, because it is light and nutritious.

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  1. Massimo Suighi

    wirklich gut, sowohl was den Geschmack als auch die Kocheigenschaften angeht, und auch sehr preiswert.

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