Monocultivar Leccino Giacomo Grassi Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

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Monocultivar Leccino Giacomo Grassi extra Virgin Olive Oil

great for pairings with blue fish, roast, anchovies with lemon, stuffed calamari, fresh tuna in casserole
golden with green reflections

medium intense fruit with vegetables and aromatic herbs

soft and slightly
2 years
in a dark place without changes of temperature

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Monocultivar Leccino Giacomo Grassi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oil with a golden color with green reflections, medium intense fruity with clear hints of vegetables and aromatic herbs.

Soft and slightly peppery aroma, olives pulp and black cabbage. harmonious and very balanced taste.
Great for pairings with bluefish, roast, anchovies with lemon, stuffed calamari, fresh tuna in a casserole.

What is a Monocultivar Olive Oil?

The extra virgin olive oil is called monocultivar when the olives from which it is extracted come from the same type of plant. In Tuscany, the most frequent and well-known are the monocultivars called: Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, Moraiolo, Olivastra Seggianese and Olivo Bianco. as for wine, where each vine has its specific characteristics, also for olive oil, each cultivar has unique characteristics that are enhanced in extra virgin olive monocultivar olive oil.

About The Producer:

Since 1996 the company founded by Giacomo Grassi produces several monocultivar oils in the Chianti Classico in the heart of Tuscany. For years Giacomo Grassi has studied and perfected the art of cultivation,collection and processing. Each monocultivar corresponds to a specific harvesting moment, which must be followed. The love for the Italian monocultivar Olive Oil led Giacomo Grassi to select not only the types of olives, but also the extraction ,the methods everyone needs, then choose different types of olive oil extraction so that taste and fragrance are always at their best in these precious products that we are willing to present.

Attention and love for the Extra virgin olive oil is found in every drop of these precious monocultivar and it is a pleasure to taste and smell in the Monocultivar olive oil.

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  1. Fabio

    Tolle Qualität, aber die Geschmackseinstellung ist zu „grün“, und ich bevorzuge ausgewogenere Leccini.

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