Maremman Hills


What will you find inside?

The ingredients needed to prepare a meal. in this case, choosing “Maremman Hills” you will find:

  • 2X – Tagliatelle Monastero Di Siloe 250gr
  • 1X – Montecucco Santa Marta Salustri
  • 1X – Morellino Di Scansano Poggio Nib biale
  • 1X – Chestnut Cream Le Macchie Alte 200g
  • 1X – Wild Boar Ragù Le Macchie Alte 200g
  • 1X – Asparagus Cream Le Macchie Alte 200g
  • 1X – Crostino Toscano Le Macchie Alte 200g
  • 1X – Spaghetti Emaremma 500g
  • 1X – Fresh Tomato Sauce Monastero Di Siloe 300g
  • 1X Pecorino Semistagionato Podere Paterno 700g Approximately (Only Exclusive and Premium)
  • 1X Salame Toscano Tommaso Giordana 300g Approximately (Only Premium)
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Maremman Hills Food Box

Choosing The Maremman Hills Food Box, you will receive a complete meal based on Typical Products from the Maremma Toscana, directly at your doorstep!
The products, chosen by the Passione Toscana’s staff in collaboration with the best chefs of Tuscany, are of high quality and will satisfy every need!

Maremman Hills Food Box

It’s designed for Maremma Lovers who would never give up a complete Italian meal in every period of the year! The products of the Maremma Mia Food Box, in fact, are available throughout the year as they are not fresh, but worked especially by our producers and embarked in order to preserve their quality throughout the year!

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