Honey Vinegar Mirco Camurani 250ml


Honey Vinegar Mirco Camurani 250ml, Tuscan Vinegar

Perfect with salads and fish dishes!

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Honey Vinegar Mirco Camurani, Tuscan Vinegar

The result of the experiments of Mirco Camurani, this white wine vinegar with chestnut honey was an exceptional product. this vinegar is perfect for dressing salads and fish dishes!

Marradi, the chestnut paradise from where the Honey Vinegar comes from!

Here, where the chestnut groves dominate the landscape and the chestnuts are the emblem of our cultural, rural and gastronomic tradition, the Marradi Brown Road of Mugello winds its way. The chestnut, with its fruits, has fed the people of the mountain for centuries. In fact, until not many decades ago, the activity of each family revolved for almost the entire year around the meticulous care of chestnut groves, depending on the harvest in October, and the nutrition of our population was almost constituted by the polenta of marroni flour, from ballotte, burnt and pancakes. The love for this plant and the desire to create an organic project that would fully enhance the entire supply chain, led to the creation of the Marradi Brown Road of Mugello, which involves the entire territory of the Municipality of Marradi and offers tourists a „real journey“ around the chestnut.

About The Producer, Mirco Camurani :

Mirco’s passion was born not long ago but it soon became love, it is understood by hearing him talk about his „workers“ and this love turns into a container of incredible stories told with such emotion by Mirco that it becomes almost simplistic to call it simply „jar of honey „.
since 2010 Mirco Camurani is transformed into a beekeeper and begins a new life by making Acacia, Ciliegio and Castagno honey produced by apiaries located in the pristine oasis of the Hermitage of Gamogna.
In addition to honey, Camurani produces a fantastic and exclusive Grappa that bears the nickname of his grandfather „Barba“.
In recent years he has started producing spelled biscuits with Acacia Honey, Biscuits with chestnut flour and many other sweet creations.
Always looking for new stimuli, Mirco invents an extraordinary recipe to produce an incredible Chestnut Honey Vinegar which is enjoying enormous success in all markets.

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