Grappa Tasting Box Nannoni Grappe


Six drops for the palate and one for the stomach „: here is the refrain that accompanies the seven 0.100L bottles in a gift box.

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Grappa Tasting Box Nannoni Grappe

„Six drops for the palate and one for the stomach“: here is the refrain that accompanies the seven 0.100L bottles in a gift box, for a sensory journey with a selection of rarer and more precious spirits, all naturally award-winning.

The choice of the name „7 drops“ is an unconscious assist to the title of the song „Golden Drops“, composed and dedicated to Priscilla by the pianist Maestro Jannitti Piromallo. A coincidence, pure and magical like Nannoni’s spirits, led to the choice of two such similar names. The new package includes seven Grappe, namely: Plum Brandy, the Gold Reserve of Carats (one of the most awarded spirits in the world), Brandy Nannoni, honey grappa (very rare and produced in small quantities), ‚Amarena reserve brandy, liquorice grappa and Tuscan cigar brandy.

All the spirits are award-winning internationally. The 7 drops package is a journey through the olfactory and gustatory sensations of Nannoni products, through the most significant stages of its Nannoni production.

About the Producer, Nannoni Grappe :

When the Nannoni Grappe distillery was born, in Tuscany there was no culture of distillation, the “vinacce” were mostly thrown into the chicken coop, and most of the grappa produced in the region was destined for bulk sale to northern Italy.

The first times were tough, but in a short time the Montalcino wineries, and then all the other major cellars in Tuscany, realized the great opportunity that was offered to them, so a farmhouse in the middle of the Maremma became an international destination for Grappa lovers and tourists of good drinking, bringing their Grappas to the world and many enthusiasts in Maremma.

Thanks to the work of Priscilla Occhipinti, the only female master distiller in the world, Nannoni Grappe has established itself over the years as the best producer of spirits in the world, in fact, there are numerous prizes won by Nannoni Grappe, just think of the 144 Gold and Double Gold medals won from 2011 to 2019.

We can, therefore, say that Nannoni Grappe is the most awarded producer in the world.


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