Garlic Aglione Cream With Nobile Wine I Tre Capi 90g


The two supporting columns of the Val Di Chiana form an inimitable product: to the Aglione (25%) is added the grape of Prugnolo Gentile, the Sangiovese variety of Nobile di Montepulciano.
With the sweet and sour of apple vinegar and lemon juice and with the hotness of chilli pepper it goes very well with the flavour of pecorino cheese and cheese in general.

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What is the Garlic Aglione from Val Di Chiana?

Let’s find out together what the Val Di Chiana garlic Aglione is and how it is used.
Saved from oblivion by some „enlightened“ farmers, it is typical of the Val di Chiana and there are no other traces of it in Italy that do not come from here. It has always been used to produce the famous garlic sauce (perfect for seasoning pici) and is widely used in the kitchen: the most voracious eat it raw as a salad, but it is perfect for a bruschetta with the new oil, it is extraordinary with any fish and rumours say also for the Piedmontese bagna cauda.

This white giant is also eaten with flower scape, also called sprouts or thalli, in a similar way to asparagus, that is first slightly boiled and then in a thousand different ways.
It is a plant with low environmental impact, very rustic, a renewal crop that requires careful tillage of the soil but does not require special fertilisation. It is sown around October in the softest possible bed, then mechanically cleaned of weeds and not „treated“ except with copper and sulphur or other natural products. Around April-May the shoots are cut when they are tender and in June-July the garlic is separated from its beloved soil and left to dry sheltered from the sun.
It is at this point that it is offered in all its goodness, with its herbaceous flavour and foam that will allow you to tie all the ingredients together.

About the producer, I Tre Capi :

The land of „I Tre Capi“ is located in the municipality of Montepulciano and Chiusi, in particular in the villages of Tre Berte and Montallese. In the heart of the Val di Chiana, a land famous for its fruit and vegetables, a land that we owe to the Florentine genius personified in Count Fossombroni and Grand Duke Peter Leopold II of Lorraine, the only two able to harness the restless waters of the Clanis and reclaim the valley. Centuries of organic substance have therefore accumulated in the soil of the Val di Chiana, with amazing results: the most shining example is the Aglione, the white giant in the area, capable of reaching almost a kilogram of weight here.
It is in respect of the environment that the Three Chiefs cultivate their products.
The company is in conversion for the organic regime and they cannot, nor do they want to, use fertilisers, herbicides and fungicides that are not absolutely natural.
What they produce is as you see it, it hides nothing: it knows exactly what it needs to know.
In the transformation, in the end, all they do is assemble the precious stones creating unique jewels, bringing quality and tradition to the table: it is a tradition in which you can sink your spoon.

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