Ganzo Podere Montale


Fish Based Dishes and Aperitif.
Sangiovese 100%

3 years

intense, delicate, complex perfume; you can perceive floral, citrus, fresh fruit notes.
In the mouth it is full, enveloping, balanced and persistent.
Horizontally, in the dark and away from heat sources

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Ganzo Podere Montale :

It is obtained from the early harvest of Sangiovese grapes that are macerated on the skins for 18/24h at controlled temperature. After a first sedimentation, fermentation is started in white for about 15 days, at 16/18°, in stainless steel tanks. The wine is bottled after a short aging and correctly stored at a controlled temperature.

Brilliant color with onion veil hue. It has an intense, delicate, complex perfume; you can perceive floral, citrus and fresh fruit notes.
In the mouth it is full, enveloping, balanced and persistent.

About the producer, Podere Montale :

Podere Montale was founded in July 2014, but found its true beginning with the first harvest of the 2015 vintage. The story is all to be written. The will and the road taken in these years is to create a reality well integrated at territorial and social level that can be a feather in the cap for the entire community and the name of Montecucco.

We are in fact in an authentic territory to be discovered, magnetic and in some ways mysterious. Their aim is to enhance both geographically and socially the place in which they live through a logic of mutual growth and improvement.

Their products come to life where the val d’orcia gives way to the slopes of an old volcano, Mount Amiata. It dictates the times of their land.

The soil of the Podere Montale is very suitable for the production of oil and wine, being located in a place that benefits from the ventilation coming from the sea and at the same time from the presence of a mountain of about 1800 meters behind it. During the summers the long and sunny days are mitigated by a strong temperature range at night. The climatic combination described with the soil by an important stony skeleton, rich in galestro, and the presence of ancient lava compounds give their wines a particular freshness.

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