Fresh Black Truffle „Pregiato“


The Fresh Black Truffle „Pregiato“  are only available in December, January, and February!

Order Now and receive it in less than 48H! Express Shipping!

Fresh truffle prices are subject to weekly changes due to availability and market price.

Passione Toscana will not ship truffles directly, which will instead be sent (by express courier) directly by the truffle hunters of San Miniato. all this serves to guarantee the highest quality and integrity of truffles. which must be consumed within 7/9 days of their collection.

Also for this reason orders placed on Thursday and Friday will be sent the following Monday.

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Fresh Black Truffle „Pregiato“ From Tuscany : Fresh Black Truffle Pregiato

You can find them between December and February and they are considered to have the most earthy flavour, which make them the most demanded in haute cuisine recipes. Try it on your appetisers or to complete your pasta and red meat recipes.

APPEARANCE:The Fresh Black Truffle „Pregiato“ has a rounded appearance and is quite homogeneous. The peridium or rind has protrusions and warts that make it very rough to the touch and it has a brownish or blackish colour. Specimens that are not perfectly ripe may be also reddish. The gleba, or inner part of the truffle, is black-violet with whitish veins.Fresh Black Truffle „Pregiato“

The size may vary significantly and can range from that of a hazelnut (the most common) to that of a large apple (the rarest), reaching even one kilogram in weight in the biggest specimens.


HARVEST: from December to the end of February.

Fresh Black Truffle „Pregiato“ from San Miniato : Fresh Truffles from Tuscany

The Fresh Black Truffle „Pregiato“ that we offer arrive directly from San Miniato, which is considered by many to be the home of the Tuscan truffle.

Fresh Truffles Service :

The Fresh Black Truffle „Pregiato“ will arrive the following day to your order directly at your home, or at your business. In fact, truffles, once collected, must be consumed within 7-8 days.
This is why we of Passione Toscana guarantee you the freshest truffles and the best express shipping available on the market!

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