Cristino Aleatico La Piana Capraia 375ml


2020 vintage

Sweet Passito wine from Capraia island

100% Aleatico


Serving temperature 14°

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Aleatico Passito: Cristino Aleatico La piana Capraia

The flagship of the company is the Aleatico Toscano IGT Cristino, 100% aleatico in purity, produced following the canons of organic farming, through manual harvesting of the grapes and drying on racks for at least 20 days. The result is a full-bodied, intense, aromatic red wine with a spicy quid on the finish. In the mouth it is warm, soft, with a sweetness never over the top and a well balanced fruity acidity

Aleatico Passito : The Best Wine From Capraia

The wines from Capraia island, as well as the island itself, have unique characteristics in the world! thanks to the natural features of the landscape, such as the proximity of the sea, the uncontaminated flora and an enviable sun and wind exposure, the wines produced on the island of capraia have a typical imprint that is impossible to find in other places! Obviously, there are vines more suited than others, such as the Vermentino Toscano and aleatico, from which the company La Piana capraia manages to obtain fantastic wines.

About The Producer, La Piana Capraia :

The organic farm La Piana Capraia is located on the island of Capraia, within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. The area to which it belongs, called „Il Piano S. Stefano“, is a magical and uncontaminated place where aromas, sounds, colors, and traditions blend with ancient tastes and knowledge, in which time seems to have stopped. In fact, on the island, the Romans and Saracens lived at different times, and they are on a par with what is necessary for their livelihood. The landscape, guarded by the agricultural presence, is designed by the discontinuity of vine rows in the Mediterranean scrub, terracing, dry stone walls, ancient cisterns, and by native ornamental species such as oleander, rosemary, ancient rose; it is a perfect integration between quality agriculture, environmental protection and historical memory. From these 3.5 hectares planted in Aleatico and Vermentino wines are born today: a rosé of Aleatico, a passito of Aleatico and a Vermentino.

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