Chestnut Honey Miele In Culla 140g


Tuscan Honey, Chestunt Honey Miele in Culla!

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Chestnut Honey Miele In Culla 145g

The Chestnut Honey Miele in Culla, From the best Tuscan hills to your table!

About the Producer, Miele In Culla:

The company was born from a great intuition of Francesco, who understands that honey if stored inside a jar made of beeswax, instead of in the classic glass jar. In fact, honey, if stored inside the beeswax, keeps the aromas and flavors unchanged which otherwise would be dispersed if exposed to other materials. Miele in culla is in fact a registered trademark, unique in the world, and with a patent to protect this exceptional idea. tasting their honey will be for you a sensory journey never experienced before.

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