Casarecce 500g Pasta Emaremma


Casarecce Pasta 500g Emaremma

Senator Cappelli wheat Pasta
8 minutes for a perfect „Al dente“ Pasta
Great with all kinds of condiment
3 – 4 Years

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Casarecce Emaremma 500g

The pasta emaremma is unique in its kind because it comes from the wheat senator cappelli, an ancient wheat that has been on the market for over several years, thanks to its extraordinary qualities and nutritional qualities. in addition to the type of wheat, what makes emaremma one of the best Italian pasta, is the soil in which the wheat is grown. the fields of the company are in fact located in the Maremma, one of the last uncontaminated land and totally free of smog.

Casarecce Emaremma : Pasta From Tuscany

Senator Cappelli wheat can be considered to be an antique wheat because it has not been contaminated by artificial modification processes like (x-rays, gamma, alpha and beta) compared to the currently available varieties, but comes from a very traditional selection genealogy that ensures a lesser predisposition to allergies and intolerances, as well as absence of forced mutations.

About The Producer:

„Emaremma“ is a company born from a group of eight young farmers animated by the desire to rediscover the genuine flavors of the past and to enhance the Tuscan territory, through the cultivation of Senatore Cappelli wheat, a product of the highest quality.

The company „EMaremma“ today offers among its products the pasta produced from the blown durum wheat semolina Cappelli, a product with a very high nutritional value and high digestibility.

The pasta (available in three different drawings: spaghetti, penne rigate and caserecce), is worked with a bronze drawing, a process that makes the pasta rough and porous, leaving the condiments to be retained at their best after cooking. At the end of the production the pasta undergoes a very slow drying of about 72 hours, done at medium temperatures, so that all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the durum wheat semolina do not change.

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