Capocollo Cinta Senese Il Ghiacciale 500g


Biologic and organic Cinta Senese Capocollo from Monte Amiata.

Important: Cured meats and cold cuts are handmade products, and as such has a different weight from cut to cut.
Passione Toscana, like the producers, undertakes to respect the indicated weight, but the weight can be slightly higher or lower than the declared one.

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Capocollo Cinta Senese Il Ghiacciale

The neck of the pork massaged with salt, pepper, and other organic spices designed to enhance the flavor of organic Cinta Senese pig grown wild in the woods.

About the producer, Il Ghiacciale:

The Il Ghiacciale farm is located on the slopes of Mount Amiata, on the hills of the high Tuscan Maremma where its Cinta Senese pigs grow according to ancient and natural rhythms. With more than 35 hectares of oak and pastures, our pigs grow for at least three years free to graze acorns, berries and tubers according to an ancient tradition that goes perfectly with the precepts of organic and ethical treatment of animals, in order to offer a meat with an unique flavor that is transformed by skilled hands that follow ancient peasant recipes without the aid of dyes or preservatives.

Gewicht0.6 kg

1.5kg Approximately, 500g

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