Brunello Di Montalcino Molino Di Sant Antimo


Brunello Di Montalcino Molino Di Sant’Antimo

Is one of the best wines of the company

Precious red meat, Game.
Sangiovese 100%
30 years
Fruity and spicy
Elegant and velvety
Horizontally, in the dark and away from heat sources

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Brunello Di Montalcino Molino Di Sant Antimo

The Brunello di Montalcino del Molino of Sant Antimo represents the utmost expression of our products. The careful choice of grapes, Sangiovese in purity, their vinification with appropriate techniques and their continuous control during long aging in oak barrels of maximum capacity Hl. 55, allow you to appreciate the exceptional qualities of this wine.

Brunello Di Montalcino Molino Di Sant Antimo

Its color is ruby red, the fruity and spicy bouquet, the harmonious and velvety taste that is particularly elegant and persistent.
To be combined with strong and elaborate foods, but also relaxation and meditation situations to appreciate all the most indolent aromas that emerge during a long stopping in the glass.
Good preparation for proper oxygenation is recommended before consumption.

About The Producer, Molino Di Sant Antimo

Molino di Sant’Antimo is made up of about 40 hectares that extend on land exposed to the south / south-west and that decline from 250 to 200 meters above sea level up to the river Orcia.  The soils have a composition of shales, galestro and crushed stone, rich in mineral salts. Vineyard plants have been gradually developed over the years. The modern Cellar, located in a niche of the facing wood, allows in its 800 square meters to vinify the production of the Company in abundant spaces and rationalized to the purpose. In the vinification area there are the modern steel vats for 1.000 Ql. The area reserved for aging houses the large French oak barrels of Allier and the French and American oak barrels. The labels, differentiating themselves in the colors, all bear the Logo Paolus. 

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