Avvoltore IGT Moris Farms


Avvoltore is the company’s “flagship” wine.

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Avvoltore IGT Moris Farms

The Maremma Toscana Wine Flagship!

The grapes are collected from vineyards planted on the “Poggio dell’Avvoltore” hill. Its clay- limestone soil produces a strong and powerful tannin, felt when savouring the wine. The first vintage was in 1988, the blend has since undergone very few changes. In recent years it has always been characterised by these grapes: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah. The name describes the hawk of Maremma, a bird of prey that often flies over these vineyards. The powerful tannin cleans the palate when eating meat dishes, especially those cooked with a tomato sauce, and also when eating aged and strong cheese.

Harvest time: the second and fourth week of September and the first and second week of October. Fermentation in temperature-controlled cement tanks. “Remontage” is twice daily for the first ten days. The wine is then left for a further 15 days in contact with the skins before being racked and immediately returned in 225 litres barriques (80% new), where malolactic fermentation takes place. The aging of the wine in wood barrels lasts about a year and during this time “delestage” (devatting) takes place. The wine is then bottled and left to refine for another 6 months before being sold to the public.
organolectic characteristics Colour: ruby red with purple highlights Bouquet: complex, with hints of ripe fruit and vanilla Taste: full bodied and soft, velvety feel Serving temperature: 18°C Pairing: roast

About The Producer, Moris farms:

Two hundred years ago, the Moris family reached the Tuscan Maremma, a place of wonder and wine: the dream came true! A sincere love for a virgin land. A love made of a great passion for wine, which in these fields finds its best environment. Generation after generation, the Moris family focused on wine and its production. The altitude varies from 80 to 100 m above sea level and the vineyard is on the southwest side. The vineyards of Poggio la Mozza (Morellino di Scansano) have been owned by the company since 2011.

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