Appero Le Spighe



13.5% Alcool

Seafood dish

Trebbiano Toscano 100%

2-3 years

fresh and Fruity

12 degree for a perfect service

Horizontally, in the dark and without temperature changes

Nicht vorrätig

Appero Le Spighe :

Denomination: IGT Toscana
Vintage: 2018
Grapevines: Trebbiano Toscano 100%
Breeding system: Simple Guyot
Surface: 0.5 hectares
Average age of vineyards: 40 years
Quantity produced: 70qli/ha
Harvest time: last week of September
Destemming: cold grapes with the addition of dry ice to avoid oxidation.
Type of collection: manual and subsequent refrigeration no grapes at 0°C in cold rooms

Crushing: Soft with exclusive extraction of must.
Type of press: pneumatics
Fermentation: in steel at a controlled temperature at 10°C with a selection of yeasts
Duration: 3 weeks
Stabilization: cold tartaric
Refining: Fermentation in steel and 2 months in bottle
Serving temperature: 12°C
Alcohol content: 13.5% by volume


About the Producer, Le Spighe :

The farm Le Spighe is immersed in the Maremma countryside and extends for 36 hectares used for native vineyards, wheat and a small part for the cultivation of vegetables.

The wines produced, both red and white, come from grapes selected by them and that by nature find in Maremma an area suitable for ripening, always followed by experienced staff and respecting nature.

The products of the farm Le Spighe are the result of the passion for quality food and for our land.

From this comes the desire to make known the genuineness and the many qualities of wine production. Their vineyard extends for 3 hectares with a prevalence of typical Tuscan vines, such as: Sangiovese, Vermentino, Ansonica, but also Merlot, Montepulciano, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, Fiano and Moscato.

The atmosphere here is one of genuineness and simplicity, typical aspects of living in the countryside.

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