Ancient Wheat Pappardelle Mulino Val’D’Orcia 500g


Ancient Wheat Pasta from the Unesco Site of Val’D’Orcia. An enchanted and wild Tuscan Area.


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Ancient Wheat Pappardelle Mulino Val’D’Orcia 500g :

They use valuable varieties of ancient grains, grown on the farm organically, such as Senatore Cappelli durum wheat and Verna soft wheat. Their pasta produced with stone-ground durum wheat semolina and soft wheat flour, has a higher fibre and mineral content than industrial pasta and maintains the lipid-vitaminic properties of wheat, is more balanced and has a lower glycemic index.

INGREDIENTS: 80% organic durum wheat wholemeal semolina Senatore Cappelli, 20% organic soft wheat flour type 2 Verna, Water.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES (average per 100 g): Energy 1423kJ/337 Kcal, Fatty Acids 2,40 of which saturated g 0,48 g, Carbohydrates 61,90 g of which sugars 4,15 g, Fibres 9,30 g, Protein 12,20 g Salt 0g

Conservation period: 18 months

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