Acient Wheat Spaghetti Poggetti Vecchi 500g


Spaghetti from Maremma, Made with ancient wheat of Tuscany.

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Acient Wheat Spaghetti Poggetti Vecchi 500g

Using fine varieties of ancient grains, such as Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, grown on the farm following the most innovative irrigation methods and using thermal water (coming from an aquifer inside the farm) at the gates of Grosseto, in the center of Maremma, is created the pasta with ancient grains Poggetti Vecchi.

Information about the producer: Poggetti Vecchi

“Going back to move forward” can be summed up as the philosophy of the company, which for generations has fused tradition with innovation and a touch of uniqueness!

The Poggetti Vecchi farm stands on a small hill in the plain between Braccagni and Grosseto, which over the years has been transformed into an oasis surrounded by greenery, thanks to a spring of thermal water at 35 ° that is used to irrigate crops in the fields of the property, thus giving a unique and genuine flavor to the pasta.
From the cultivation of ancient grains, high size and low production to obtain a pasta with a unique taste and incredible organoleptic qualities, tasting their pasta, you will taste the true flavor of Maremma.

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