Advice To Use Extravirgin Olive oil At Its Best

How To use Extra Virgin Olive oil At its Best?

It really so! An oil used with certain food gives strength to its flavours and tastes  trough Sage, Tomato, Rosemary, Apple, Almond, Artichoke, Cardoon, Berries, Celery, Radish, Fresh Oregano and more! Using an oil suited to the dish we eat it is
the same as choosing the right wine. Oil is not an accessory of food but a necessary seasoning for its completion. If it is fundamental to emphasize the taste of the food we are going to taste, on the other hand, it can alterate and even spoil the taste of it if we use an oil hot suitable to it. All this is now clear to use!

Then why are we using the same oil on the “mozzarella” cheese or on a steak? Why do we use for a sole-fish the same oil we use for a lentil soup?

On the other hand we would never think of drinking a Vermentino di Bolgheri on a “tagliata with rucola” or a Brunello di Montalcino with a steamedfish. The reasons of this “unconscious behaviour” are to be found in the poor acquaintance of the product, in the fact that we often ignore the “real taste of olive oil” as we are mostly used to the one on sale in the “large distribution”, which as regard to olive hand only a name on their label.

Passione Toscana wants to interrupt this custom and help people to consciously choose extra virgin olive oil to pair with their dish. Below you will find the products chosen by our staff, coming from various areas of Tuscany: Bolgheri, Chianti and Seggiano. Check Their peculiarities and Find Out with which dishes to match them!

Have you ever tried a monocultivar extra virgin olive oil?

Do you know that recently extra-virgin olive oil has been classified as a medicine thanks to its extraordinary qualities?

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